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Marcella L Berardi-Stovik

Located in the northern San Francisco Bay Area, Marcella (Marcie) L Beradi-Stovik is a licensed Health Insurance Professional and Group Benefit Specialist. Working as an independent broker for the past 20+ years, Marcie is approved by more than thirty of the nation's best carriers. Over the years, she has succeeded in making her insurance brokerage one of the most trusted and prominent source for group benefits in the area.

Marcie's Vision and Mission

To be a benefit broker for today’s challenged business and workforce.  To help employers develop a robust benefit plan, post-COVID, that adapts to the changing landscape of employee benefits. Her strategy includes a more employee-centric model of approaching how benefits are selected, and are designed to save all parties money.

Additional Expertise

Marcie also offers Individual Health, Medicare, Life, Dental, and other Supplemental Insurance to Individuals and Seniors who are not covered through an employer plan, or, for those who wish to augment their employer provided coverage. 

More About Marcie

More About Marcie

In 1988, Marcella Berardi-Stovik joined State Mutual Life Insurance Company Denver Agency as a Small Group Insurance Manager. In 1991 Marcella became a Group Insurance Manager for the New England Financial Denver Agency, and began a successful group insurance marketing Platform Employee & Executive Benefits. In 1998, Marcella was transferred to the New England Financial San Francisco Agency as Employee and Disability Specialist.

Marcella has worked with producers and small to medium size businesses throughout Colorado, California and beyond, doing business on a regular basis with more than 40 brokers and representing over 400 businesses for their employee benefit needs.

Her association with ACEC (The American Council of Engineering Consultants) has resulted in being named a member of their Broker Advisory Council and “Platinum” status with their underwriting insurance carrier. With more than 40 current ACEC firms insured and over 1100 employees served, her expertise in this area is continually sought after.

Marcella provides key insight to HR directors and Principals and helps them manage their benefit programs through a period of ever increasing rates and complex and contradictory market forces. Marcella lives in California and has a daughter. She enjoys horseback riding, cycling, hiking, skiing as well as CO and CA sports teams.